Thursday, December 30, 2004


Project/Study Teams

Project/Study Teams of no less than 3 students and no more than 5 students will be necessary for this course. At least one student must come from Haas and one student must come from either Engineering or SIMS. The instructor recommends formation of these teams with an eye to a variety of functional business backgrounds and a mixture of nationalities. Group work raises many issues including group dynamics, division of labor and evaluation. This means that much of the cases and work should be done when all group members are present.

Although it happens infrequently, it is possible for a student to “get by” with perfunctory effort — enough effort to maintain some respect of the group members but not enough to achieve the educational objectives prescribed by the course. If a member is clearly shirking, the other members should make an attempt to find out the reason(s) and assist him or her to returning to productive work. If these steps fail, please see the instructor.

The recommended final group project should be selected from one of the following areas:

  1. Global Industry Analysis on an Approved Technology Industry coupled with Investment Recommendations of the Long Term Winners.
  2. Detailed analysis of an approved technology company with an emphasis on the global aspects of its operation (market, production, etc.).
  3. The instructor will also consider other projects pertaining to the class topic.
  4. Each team should be formed prior to the 2nd week of class and 3 project concepts should be submitted prior to the third week of class.

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